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California Enforcement of Orders of Child Support - Spousal Support

In divorce proceedings the courts order community property to be divided and child support and spousal support may be ordered according to legislative formulas. It is one thing to have a court order obligating one spouse to pay another spouse money on a monthly basis, but there are often times when the money is not paid. The law office of Michael J. Smith is well versed in California enforcement orders and will be able to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your situation.

Child Support Payments

  • Payments are usually made until the child turns 18 or 19 if they are full time students in high school, living at home and unable to support themselves.
  • The courts could order parents to continue to support a disabled child that is not self-supporting.

How to Guarantee You Will Receive Court Ordered Child Support / Spousal Support?

All court orders to pay child support and spousal support can be paid by wage assignment, which means it is automatically deducted from your spouse’s paycheck and sent to you.

What can my lawyer do to help collect when child support or spousal support is not paid?

Your lawyer will go into court and file the motions that they are able to file depending upon the delinquency of the payment. The first late payment must be 30 days before taking action in the courts. An order to show cause may be filed to when child support is not paid, which schedules a day in court in front of a judge. If there is a family emergency, an “ex parte” court hearing may be set under California Family Law Code Section 4620.4611.

We money is due you and it isn’t forthcoming, you have rights and court options. Call the law office of Michael J. Smith for your free consultation today.

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